VPP Web Site Lanched

WEDNESDAY, March 2, 2016 –  The Vertical Perspectives Photography web site went live on March 1, 2016. We’ve posted some photo galleries along with information about our projects and services. We expect to add additional photo galleries as well as more detailed information as it becomes available.

This Happenings & Viewpoints page is a place for us to share more than just our photos. A particularly challenging photo shoot, a newly-modified piece of equipment, a post-processing revelation, our participation in an event, or any of many other reasons might generate news we want to share. Nothing earth-shattering but you might find it interesting.

Photographers and mountain guides, RL & Karen Stolz divide their time between guiding activities through Alpine Adventures, Inc and photographic activities through Vertical Perspectives Photography. Please check out the main VPP site and follow this blog to stay informed.

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