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Travels in the Element(s)

MONDAY, October 29, 2018 – A Honda Element will be our home for photography road trips starting this fall and early winter. We have “car camped”, using an assortment of modified vehicles, for nearly four decades so we have a pretty good idea of what we need and why. Modifications we are making to our Element are designed to provide a reasonably comfortable mobile living space adapted specifically to photography trips.

Over a lifetime of traveling for climbing and photography, we have learned when you arrive at your destination is as important as where you are situated. Being at the right place, in time for the best light conditions, frequently means camping close to our chosen photographic location. Car camping, for its convenience, is our preferred option when possible – especially when challenging weather is likely.

The Honda Element is a popular vehicle for this type of camping because its high clearance and 4WD allow it to go places larger RV’s can’t, and it gets far better mileage to boot. We are customizing sleeping, cooking and storage spaces for camera gear and other essentials. Easy access to photo gear, clothing, cooking facilities and electronic accessories is possible with comprehensive planning and a good bit of woodworking. Equipped with auxiliary power for lights, and for charging batteries and electronic devices, we will be able to work with the photographs we make and stay in touch with the world.

Our dog, Terra, is only lukewarm about the whole idea. She’d be fine staying home and curling up someplace warm. Although the van will never feel quite like home, we hope the new and interesting smells we encounter will win her over.

We will be posting more about our vehicle conversion,  upcoming trips, and our dog’s demeanor, over the next few weeks.

Successful Alpenhaus Gallery Opening Weekend

Fall Reflections - East Branch Ausable River

Fall Reflections

MONDAY, October 22, 2018 – Our opening weekend was a great success and we were pleased to welcome many visitors to our new gallery. Thanks to all who attended!

We received numerous excellent suggestions during our opening and we will be implementing many of them over the next few months. To expand its functionality, major upgrades to the Vertical Perspectives Photography website are also in the works. We will be reaching out to you with details of our progress later in the fall.

Travels & Explorations
During the fall and early winter we look forward to exploring new destinations on a series of photography trips. After several months preparing to open our gallery, with little time for anything else, we are eager to get back into the field with our cameras. This time of year, although sometimes cold, offers unique light because the sun tracks closer to the horizon.

While on the road, we will continue to post to here and on our Facebook page so, if you have not done so already, please “Follow” this blog, and “Like” our Facebook  page.

The Alpenhaus Gallery will be open during October on Saturday & Sunday afternoons, from 1pm to 5pm. We are happy to open the gallery whenever we are here so please feel free to drop by at other times, or contact us to arrange a specific time to visit.

More Media Coverage of the Alpenhaus Gallery
Thanks to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise Weekender magazine for its coverage of the Gallery’s opening weekend.


Alpenhaus Gallery Opening Reception A Success

SATURDAY, October 6, 2018 – We had a steady stream of visitors during our Opening Reception on Friday evening. Many thanks to all who attended!

The Alpenhaus Gallery is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 6, 7, & 8, 2018 from noon to 7pm.

And thanks also for the media coverage of our opening weekend.

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Adirondack Almanac:

Adirondack Almanack Gallery Opening


Limited Edition Print – Available Columbus Day Weekend Only

Forest, Reflected & Inverted

Forest, Reflected & Inverted

THURSDAY, October 4, 2018 – At our Alpenhaus Gallery opening on Columbus Day Weekend, we will be featuring this photograph entitled: Forest, Reflected & Inverted. It was created by R.L. on a backpacking trip to Flowed Lands, in the Adirondack High Peaks, in July, 2018 as part of a collaboration with Janet Grice and the Vento Trio. We created a visual presentation to accompany Janet’s new classical music composition, Lake Tear of the Clouds. Both the music and media presentation, featuring 48 of our photographs, premiered on August 2, 2018 at Keene Arts.

The Story Behind the Image
Most of our fine art prints include a “story” giving a bit of background about the photograph from the point of view of the photographer.

Forest, Reflected & Inverted
Reflected images are an amalgam of what they reflect and what reflects them. In this case, the chiaroscuro of the partly shaded trees in evening light is abstracted by the surface of the water. The ripples on the water render the image as an impression, forcing the viewer to consider it as such. Outside the confines of literal interpretation, the image can sing in a very different key. Although the image is a reflection, and thus “should” be upside-down, I chose to present it in a more familiar orientation by inverting it.

Limited Availability
This photograph will only be available as a specially priced, matted, 16″ x 20″, Limited Edition print during the Alpenhaus Gallery opening weekend; Friday, October 5 through Monday, October 8, 2018. The size of this limited edition will be determined by the number of prints sold within that time period.