Monthly Archives: April 2019

VPP Web Site Revision In The Works

SUNDAY, April 28, 2019 – This web site launched just over three years ago and during that time much has evolved at Vertical Perspectives Photography. We intentionally cast a wide net with our aspirations and over the past three years we have completed two collector’s edition large format photographic monographs, dozens of photo shoots for two more upcoming books, fourteen major photography trips, local photography guiding, numerous presentations, as well as editorial work, including features and covers. After opening the Alpenhaus Gallery last year we made substantial changes in the ways we sell our fine art prints, expanded our giclĂ©e printing services and reconfigured how we conduct our workshops. As a result of listening carefully to our customers we have made a lot of adjustments to the ways we deliver our products and services. Over the next several months we will be gradually updating and restructuring this web site to reflect those changes.